Drawing (4)ECOCARE  is the first choice for all who  are concerned about their environment. The amazing technologies which we use, would not be opposed to the environment, in fact they might become complimentary to one in the nature.

  • We are Dubai Municipality Certified Specialists for  Pest Control and Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection Services.
  • We offer affordable, effective and guaranteed services in residential & commercial establishments. We serve small, medium and large businesses, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Food Service, Schools, Health Care, and Property Management etc.
  • Use of Most Modern Equipment & Technology to do the job safely, correctly and quickly.
  • We will help you eliminate your pests with an ecologically responsible approach and offer you the best customer service you have ever experienced.
  • Offer for 3 months free service, free termite inspection & anti-termite treatments for Annual Contracts
  • FREE Emergency Call-Out Treatments for Specified Pests on All Annual Contracts
  • Pest proofing & surveillances for HACCP & ISO22000 Certification for food manufacturing, storage, distribution, wholesale and retail outlets.
  • Storage Pest monitoring & Quarantine fumigation, for food grains, quarantine fumigation of export cargo, containers, and bulk vessels


We proactively eliminate the pest issues you face.

  • Customized programs protect your premise from the most common pests you deal with.
  • Well qualified and highly trained Service Specialists identify and communicate with you about potential pest risks, so you can prevent them before problems occur.

We understand your business and care about your success.

  • Well-qualified and Trained Service Specialists with industry-specific training do the job right.
  • Continuous product and service improvements protect your environment from hazardous pesticides and pests and sustain the natural resources.

We communicate with you regularly, giving you the information you need.

  • Trusted experts regularly inspect, monitor and document pest-activity in your premise; ensuring critical information is communicated to you.
  • Detailed service reports in all visits keep you up-dated on sanitation and structural issues that contribute pest activity, enabling you to correct them.

Further our prices for annual contracts are very competitive; Technicians are very co-operative and understanding with a strong technical support from professionals.

Latest Technology :   We are Green, We use chemicals with green labels only. We donot use  chlorine, bleach or other ozone depleting chemicals. Therefore contamination to the environment does not happen. We ensure Bacteria, odorless, fungus and virus free water & sustainable environment.

Equipments: We use high capacity equipment to reduce tank cleaning time and shorter downtime of tanks and ensure minimal water wastage during tank cleaning.

Technicians: Well trained to use the updated technology

Results: Amazing, No contamination to the Environment, Sustainable  Healthy Environment at Low Cost and full Satisfaction.



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