Why Rodent control a requirement…?

Rodents carry many diseases.Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic Chorio-Meningitis (LCM), Plague, Salmonellosis, are some of the diseases transmitted by rodents directly. Murine typhus, Scrub typhus, Rickettsial pox are some of indirectly transmitted by rodents species.
Damage to food, property, fire hazardous due to rodent activity are other serious threats.


The best way to prevent a rodent infestation and contact with rodents is to remove the sources of food, water, and items that provide shelter for rodents.
Seal up holes inside and outside the home to keep rodents out.
Trap rodents around the home to help reduce their population.
Avoid illness: Take precautions before and while cleaning rodent-infested areas.

How we protect you from Rodents…?

We are specialized in Rodent Proofing Trapping & Exterminating.
Our experienced Consultants and technicians can find out the entry points, feeding grounds & breeding grounds of rats population in your premise and find out the most appropriate, cost effective & long-lasting solutions.
We are licensed to do fumigation; we can trace the burrows harboring rodents and fumigate them to exterminate the entire colony, which provide immediate results. A permanent solution is achieved by rodent proofing & regular monitoring for tampering by new invaders.


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