Why Termite Control a requirement…?

Termites are created in nature for destruction and to return the nutrients of plants back to the environment and they cannot stop feeding on wood unless you stop them.
They live in colonies of several thousand to several million individuals.
They are known to destroy asphalt, plaster or mortar in search of wood.
Termites cause damage in invisible areas like behind walls, in crawl spaces and basements.
Can go unnoticed for years and damage your home.

Strategies used to protect from termite:

1.Pre construction treatments for prevention.
2.Post construction treatments for Cure of infestation.
3.Integrated Termite Management.

Pre-Construction Anti Termite Treatment.

Anti termite treatment is done to foundations and floor beds at ground level before concrete is cast. The process involves spraying chemicals that deter Termites from climbing up to timber used in construction.

Termiticide mixed with water as per the manufacturers instructions and applied on the whole area. Prior to placing damp proof membranes and blinding in foundations.

Cover up the excavations with the damp proof membranes immediately.This shall keep the chemical fumes intact as recommended.

After foundation works are complete spray the back fill soil in the trenches, cover up the excavations with the damp proof membranes immediately before concrete is cast.

Its also important to treat separately any structural timber members like roof trusses or door frames embedded in concrete.

Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment

Horizontal Barrier:Treatment of the soil establishes a termiticide barrier in the soil under and adjacent to a building. A continuous barrier is established along the inside and outside of the foundation wall, under slabs and around utility entrances.

Vertical Barrier:A vertical barrier is established in the soil by drilling holes along all sides of foundation walls, chimney bases, pilasters, and pillars. Floor slabs are also drilled vertically along all cracks and construction joints and treated.Termiticide is applied from the top of the grade to the top of the footing.The termiticide is mixed with water and applied at the rate of 4 litre per 1linear meter.

Wood treatment:This type of treatment involves applications of termiticide directly to wood to eliminate existing termite infestations or to make the wood resistant to termites. In damaged wood, termiticide can be injected into the cavities made by termites to provide better control.

Integrated Termite Management

By using Integrated termite management systems termite colonies aredestroyed before they reach the property, by incorporating two or more technology in control measures. Termite baits are a different concept. In this small amounts of materials aredeployed like edible “smart missiles” to knock out foraging termites, and to eradicate entire colonies. A comprehensive baiting program maintain a termite –free condition on the customers property through on going monitoring and re-baiting.

Where Pre and post construction Anti- Termites treatments are not executed properly or failed due to some reason, Integrated Termite Management is the best choice for most family situations, because Yourhome is one of the most important investments.

The Advantages :

Bait stations are Installed on the outside of the home — no landscape disruption or drilling into the foundation.
Exterminate termite colony out side of the building before they reach the interior of buildings.
Low impact on the environment, family and pets.
Eliminates the entire colonies attacking your home.